Japan: Yamazaki to build $183 million plant

Japan: Yamazaki to build $183 million plant

Japan-based baked goods producer Yamazaki has announced that it is to build a new plant in Kobe, Japan at a cost of ¥20 billion ($183 million).

Described as the first baking factory of its kind to be built in 28 years, the facility is designed to enable the company promised to deliver fresh and high quality products mainly to the Eastern area of Japan.

The new plant is expected to start operating from March 2018, producing the firm’s signature loaf brand Royal Bread and long-established on-the-go sandwich brand Lunch Pack, as well as other sweet and savoury products. Despite declines in the bakery market in Japan, there is increasing demand for baking products from convenience stores, the company said. The new plant will raise production capacity by 10%, producing 170,000 bread loaves and 500,000 baked products per day.

Yamazaki said the new plant would ensure efficient and eco-friendly production by combining the latest technology to reduce energy, labour and machinery costs, as well as making efforts to improve food safety and reduce CO2 emissions.

Source: Yamazaki / Nikkei