Japan: Wakodo launches new baby food brand

Japan: Wakodo launches new baby food brand

Leading Japanese baby food manufacture Wakodo, part of the Asahi group, has launched a new brand called Rakuraku Manma (Easy Food). The brand offers two dried noodle products to support mothers to reduce the time it takes to cook baby food.

Claimed to be “easy to scoop”, the noodles are pre-cut into 1cm lengths, reportedly making them easier for babies to eat and more convenient for mothers since the cooking time is shorter than regular noodles.

Of the two items under the new brand, Soumen (very thin white wheat noodles) are designed for babies from five months old, requiring four minutes cooking time, while Udon (thick, white Japanese wheat noodles) is suitable for babies from seven months old, with a cooking time of six minutes.

Described as free from salt and offered in 100g pouches, Rakuraku Manma baby food will hit shelves from March 2017.

Source: Asahi