Japan: Lotte launches lactic acid bacteria chocolate

Japan: Lotte launches lactic acid bacteria chocolate

Confectionery giant Lotte has announced the launch of a new milk chocolate product in Japan that is claimed to be especially rich in lactic acid bacteria.

According to information, Sweets Days Lactic Acid Bacteria Chocolate contains 100 times as much beneficial bacteria as conventional chocolate, enabling consumers to “take a piece of wellness” with them on the move.

Lotte describes how the bacteria are coated and stored within the fat of the product, enabling it to reach the stomach alive and remain active for longer. The product can also be stored at room temperature, unlike other bacteria-enriched products, allowing it to it be consumed “anytime, anywhere”, the company adds.

The 56g chocolate blocks carry an RRP of ¥310 ($2.60).

Source: Lotte / PR Times / My Life News