Japan: Kao develops ‘easy refill’ haircare pack

Japan: Kao develops ‘easy refill’ haircare pack

Japanese personal and household manufacturer Kao has announced that it has developed a new pouch pack that is designed to make it easier to refill shampoo bottles and similar products.

Named the Raku Raku Pack (Easy Easy Pack), the product has a “universal design” that “anyone can understand and use easily” and also has environmental benefits, according to Kao. The package is particularly intended for viscous liquids such as shampoo and conditioner where consumers often struggle to transfer 100% of contents from refill packs, the company added.

Among the product benefits are an easy to open cap and a body that is said to be easy to hold with one hand. Consumers are instructed to invert the pouch over the neck of the bottle they are refilling, a process that is said to be quick and to avoid spills or wastage. The product also features gussets on the top and the bottom of the pack so it stands like a bottle on its own, a slimmer design for an easy-grip, a spout which fits snugly to ensure stability during refilling, and an 18% thinner and softer film material that allows enables consumers to roll the pack up as the product is dispensed, reducing wastage, according to Kao.

The new pouch will be available for Kao shampoo and conditioner under the Essential brand from January 2016.

Source: Kao