Japan: Calbee makes further investment

Japan: Calbee makes further investment

Japan-based snack manufacturer Calbee has decided to invest ¥700 million ($63.4 million) at its Kyoto plant to start producing Frugra, a brand of fruit granola products.

Once built, it will be the third plant producing Frugra brand products in Japan and the third investment Calbee made for the brand in recent times. It has previously invested in a facility in Hokkaido, where it will start operations from August this year, as well as one in Tochigi.

There will be two new production lines for the brand at the Kyoto plant, producing Frugra products worth ¥15 billion ($136 million) a year.

Calbee chief executive officer Akira Matsumoto said the company saw higher demand from China for the brand, and that the goods from the new production line would be mainly exported to the country.

Source: Maker News