Japan: Calbee enters the yoghurt category

Japan: Calbee enters the yoghurt category

Japanese food firm Calbee has announced its first foray into the yoghurt category with the launch of a new range under the Furugura (Fruit Granola) brand.

The company has previously established the brand in the breakfast cereals category and is now looking to extend it to dairy.

According to a Calbee press release, the yoghurt is “perfectly soured” with “crunchy textured” granola that makes it ideal as a “quick, filling” breakfast. The yogurt is made with more than 90% fresh milk and has been developed in partnership with dairy firm Yamaguchi Kenraku.

The new product is presented in a 140g plastic cup comprising a 40g pack of granola with fruits (strawberry, raisins and pumpkin seeds) on the top and 100g yogurt at the bottom. It will be exclusively available from 7-Eleven and will be sold in the Kyushu area from September 2015.

Source: Calbee / Nissyoku