Italy: Supermercato 24 sets sights on expansion

Italy: Supermercato 24 sets sights on expansion

Supermercato 24, a startup grocery delivery chain that boasts of delivering goods within the space of a few hours, has announced plans to increase its presence across Italy and expand into new countries.

Founded in the north of Italy in September 2014, Supermercato24 is an online platform where users can choose from their favourite supermarket chains, order their shopping online and pay cash on delivery. The service uses a network of delivery drivers who deliver  goods up to the customer’s doorstep within the space of a few hours. Delivery is currently available in nine Italian cities: Bergamo, Brescia, Padua, Monza, Rome, Treviso, Verona, Venice and Vicenza.

“In just four months, the Supermercato24 service has been extended to 9 Italian cities, receiving 3,800 orders with a total value of € 315 million”, explained Enrico Pandian, Supermercato24 managing director.  “40% of customers are returning customers and we are specifically targeting mums, professionals and older people”.

By the end of February the start-up plans to extend the service to 58 towns and cities across Italy. By the end of the year it is aiming to expand to other European countries, including France, Germany and the UK.

Source: La Stampa / Corriere Innovazione / Supermercato 24