Italy: Sammontana launches stevia-based ice lolly

Italy: Sammontana launches stevia-based ice lolly

Sammontana has launched the first ice lolly sweetened with stevia, Beverfood reports.

The ice lolly is available in lemon and red grapefruit flavours, is fat free and contains 38 calories per 100g (25 kcal per serving).

The name and the design of the product, which was developed by ArteficeGroup, is intended to  to communicate health and wellness benefits. The name Levia was chosen to  immediately evoke lightness and the packaging features pale and gradated colours to convey an impression of summertime and freshness.

Sammontana, headquartered in Empoli, is an Italian food company specialized in ice cream production. Founded in 1968, it manufactures products for both retail and foodservice channels.

Source: Beverfood / Sammontana