Italy: Sacla unveils new premium line

Italy: Sacla unveils new premium line

Sacla, the Italian manufacturer of pesto and other preserved products, has unveiled a new premium line of pesto and pasta sauces to be marketed under the name “Casa Sacla”.

According to News Food, the new Casa Sacla line places particular emphasis on the elegance of the pack design and the quality of ingredients, and will be targeted at prestigious clients and high-end retailers. The products will also be made available on the website Vente Privee, described as a leading provider of online retail events in Italy, as well as through Sacla’s own online store.

Casa Sacla is claimed to represent the excellence of artisanal Italian gastronomy, with the best of traditional cooking reinterpreted in a new way. The premium, “handcrafted” positioning is underlined by the unusual use of hinged jars and cardboard labels, inspired by home-made preserves.

The Casa Sacla line ranges from tomato-based pasta sauces to pesto alla genovese, and retails variously for €10 - 12.90 on the Sacla website.

Source: News Food / Sacla