Italy: Riso Gallo launches new line of rice targeting ethnic groups

Italy: Riso Gallo launches new line of rice targeting ethnic groups

Riso Gallo, one of the largest rice producers in Europe, has announced the launch of a new product line targeting the largest minority ethnic communities in Italy: Indian, North African and Chinese.

The products being offered are Basmati Rice, Dragon Rice, Quality Rice and Soft Rice  and, according to Riso Gallo, each has been designed to correspond to the consumption habits of each community: the latter comes in a 5kg bag and the other three in a 2kg bag. Target ethnic groups are also indicated by the multilingual packaging and pack colours that recall the traditions of each particular  country.

"We wanted to reach out to these consumers with products that offer the tastes of their own culture but which also carry the culinary traditions of our own country”, commented Carlo Preve , Managing Director of Riso Gallo SpA. He added: "In this sense, years ago Riso Gallo made a strong contribution to introducing international flavours, the first to market in Italy and abroad the best rice varieties from Eastern countries such as basmati, jasmine and venus rice.  Today we confirm our spirit of innovativion through respect for tradition".

The line will be distributed in a variety of channels, including ethnic stores, supermarkets, discounters and wholesalers.

Source: Newsfood / Riso Gallo