Italy: Ferrero launches 7 million unique edition Nutella jars

Italy: Ferrero launches 7 million unique edition Nutella jars

Ferrero, the Italian manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery products, is introducing a limited edition Nutella jars by using special technology to create unique patterns.

The technology, which is claimed to have taken two years to develop, is described as applying a combination of "zoom" and "random rotations" to a set of 12 different patterns to generate a unique design of colours and shapes. Jars feature individual serial numbers and are designed to become collectors' items.

The new Unique Nutella initiative is part of a marketing strategy that aims to make the hazelnut spread more personal and unique. Previous initiatives have included packaging featuring first names, and also messages and sentences written in regional dialects.

Previous brands to have ventured into the 'unique label' space include Coca-Cola, via a 2014 initiative for its Diet Coke brand in Israel, and Pernod Ricard for its Absolut brand in 2012. In these cases, computer algorithms are said to have been used to create the unique label designs.

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