Israel: Coca-Cola produces 2 million computer-generated labels

Israel: Coca-Cola produces 2 million computer-generated labels

Coca Cola Israel has launched a campaign for its Diet Coke brand centred on unique computer-generated labels, PSFK reports.

The company's "Stay Extraordinary" campaign, which aims to emphasise the uniqueness of each Diet Coke drinker, has seen the creation of 2 million individual bottle designs through a special computer algorithm. The labels are available for 51oz, 17oz and 12oz packs of Diet Coke and are by backed by additional promotional activities including billboard advertising, as well as an online platform that allows consumers to take their favourite bottle design and transfer it to “thousands of Diet Coke-branded products such as bags, t-shirts and iPhone covers”, according to the company.

AdWeek notes that the move has echoes of a 2012 campaign from vodka brand Absolut in which 4 million 'unique' labels were create using similar computer algorithm technology.

In a statement, Coca Cola Israel said that the purpose of the campaign was to “convey to Diet Coke lovers that they are extraordinary by creating unique one-of-a-kind extraordinary bottles”.

"We are proud to launch such a complex, innovative and extraordinary campaign which will convey to all Diet-Coke consumers how extraordinary they are themselves", added Alon Zamir, Vice President of Marketing for Coca-Cola Israel.

Source: PSFK / Adweek