Ireland: Ornua buys Ambrosia Dairy to establish presence in China

Ireland: Ornua buys Ambrosia Dairy to establish presence in China

Irish dairy cooperative Ornua has announced that it acquired Ambrosia Dairy, a dairy producer based in Shanghai, China.

The acquisition of Ambrosia represents Ornua’s first step into manufacture in China. Ambrosia produces dairy products such as sour cream, yogurt and speciality cheeses which are supplied to Shanghai's retail and food service markets, and Ornua said that the acquisition would increase its access to those markets.

Ornua's purchase of Ambrosia also includes a new product development centre focused on developing cheese products specially adapted to Chinses consumers. The addition of locally produced cheeses will not only complement the Kerrygold range already available in China but will also increase sales opportunities for its Irish dairy products within the premium Chinese market, Ornua said.

Ornua CEO Kevin Lane added: “This acquisition is another important milestone in Ornua’s growth as a global supplier of quality dairy products.  We are buying an excellent dairy enterprise which allows us to significantly grow our Chinese business in one step. It provides us with a manufacturing base in China and brings on board a team with local knowledge and expertise, complementing our own existing in-market operation.  Ambrosia Dairy is particularly well known for the quality of its cheeses and it has been at the forefront of the development of the domestic cheese market in ShanghaI”.

The purchase of Ambrosia marks a further step in Ornua’s strategy of seeking out new markets for Irish dairy products in growth markets. In December the company announced the opening of a new packing facility in Nigeria, providing a new route to market for the company’s Irish powdered milk.

Source: Ornua