Innovation Insight: Reserveage Bergamot Cholesterol Support with Resveratrol

Innovation Insight: Reserveage Bergamot Cholesterol Support with Resveratrol

This week Gama looks at how the ‘healthy’ associations of the Mediterranean diet are finding a new expression through supplements, with the launch of a cholesterol support tablet based on functional botanical ingredients – Reserveage Bergamot Cholesterol Support with Resveratrol.

Recent years have seen a groundswell of support behind what is often termed the ‘Mediterranean diet’ – a regime said to provide a number of health benefits, particularly in relation to cardiovascular function. Prompted by a belief that the lower incidence of heart disease in Mediterranean countries is linked to certain beneficial dietary habits, and even in the absence of a firm understanding of which elements of that diet provide the greatest benefits, a number of ‘Mediterranean’ ingredients have seen their stock rise in health terms – from grains and fish to red wine and olive oil.

Piggybacking on the Mediterranean diet phenomenon is Reserveage Bergamot Cholesterol Support with Resveratrol, a new product from US supplement producer Reserveage Nutrition that “delivers three Mediterranean botanicals that help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and provide antioxidant support”. Alongside olive fruit extract, the product contains a bergamot complex that is claimed to “help maintain cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids within normal range” as well as a polyphenol complex based on organic red grapes and resveratrol from wildcrafted Japanese Knotweed to promote “healthy cellular productivity”.

Of the three ‘Mediterranean botanicals’ cited by Reserveage, resveratrol, an ingredient found in red wine that is said to prevent blood vessel damage and lower some types of cholesterol, has become the best known in the functional space, enjoying a certain amount of  popularity without ever achieving the breakthrough moment that has occasionally been predicted. Meanwhile bergamot, a Mediterranean-grown citrus fruit, has been more of a niche player, although the launch of Reserveage’s bergamot-based supplement coincides with new research that claims to demonstrate the efficacy of bergamot extract as a cholesterol-lowering ingredient.

Regardless of the veracity of its health claims, Reserveage Bergamot Cholesterol Support with Resveratrol makes an interesting case for the ability of broad nutritional themes to impact the functional sector. By effectively aligning their products to those ideas that have wide exposure in the consumer space – such as the Mediterranean diet – manufacturers of supplements and other functional products may hope to increase accessibility and appeal for their brand lines, as well as benefitting from the added credibility of broadly-accepted, mainstream dietary trends.

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