Innovation Insight: Batavo Yogoflan

Innovation Insight: Batavo Yogoflan

Enhancing the sensory and indulgence appeal of yogurt is the strategy behind a new Brazilian product line featured by Gama this week – Batavo Yogoflan.

Marketed with the tagline “as delicious as a dessert, as healthy as yogurt”, Batavo Yogoflan is a further example of how yogurt is increasingly turning to indulgence as well as health in order to appeal to consumers.

In opting for ‘healthy indulgence’ positioning, Yogoflan enters territory that can sometimes prove a graveyard for product innovation: ‘healthy’ products that also claim to be indulgent – but which do not live up to consumer taste expectations – rarely stay the course. Batavo’s strategy for success is to take inspiration from the Brazilian dessert ‘flan’ (similar to creme caramel)  to create a ‘yogurt’ that is semi-solid in texture and somewhat reminiscent of the Italian dessert panna cotta. As such, it is no doubt hoping to benefit from associations between thicker textures and indulgence – most notably, in the case of yogurt, Greek and Greek-style products which consumers have come to view as more indulgent than conventional alternatives.

Aside from the textural element, Batavo is also aiming to heighten the overall sensory experience with the ‘hot and cold’ effect of a warm topping. Packs include a fruit-based syrup that is stored within the lid and which can be heated directly in the microwave. This temperature contrast – in particular the ‘warming’ effect of the hot syrup – provides a ‘comfort' element that also helps to underscore the impression of indulgence.

Batavo Yogoflan is an interesting illustration of how the indulgence concept in FMCG products is likely to become increasingly fluid, especially in the context of growing consumer health awareness. Texture, bold flavours and added sensory value may all play a role in defining the indulgent products of tomorrow, as consumers increasingly shy away from ‘bad for you’ fats, sugars and calories.