Stefano Caruso, Chairman<br />Caruso & Minini

Stefano Caruso, Chairman
Caruso & Minini

Gama spoke to Stefano Caruso, Chairman, Caruso & Minini.

What key trends do you expect to shape alcoholic drinks innovation in 2015?

Nowadays I think it is important to talk about ‘contemporary’ wine, in other words wines which, through their structure and their character, are in line with the tastes and preferences of everyday consumers. In order to do this, its is essential to do your research and focus on communication, innovation and the market you are targeting. Ultimately, the consumer has to come first: they are the primary asset, the one which I work every day to maintain. Consumer attitudes are becoming ever more fluid, which means that market research and analysis has to be constant. To be contemporary, wine needs to represent both tradition and the new, because consumers have an insatiable desire for new things. This is the direction you need to head in to be in step with what the market is demanding.


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