Rita Nabeiro, CEO<br />Adega Mayor‏

Rita Nabeiro, CEO
Adega Mayor‏

Gama spoke to Rita Nabeiro, Chief Executive Officer, Adega Mayor.


What key trends do you expect to shape alcoholic drinks innovation in 2015?

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health so alcohol content is likely to be an issue in the sector. Because of that I believe that low-alcohol drinks will see an increase in volumes. Organic is also an important trend in the food and beverages sector in general.


What should companies do to be successful in the current economic climate?

They have to find ways to create value in every part of the chain. If consumers can choose a product that is socially responsible, or one that has community value, they are likely to do so, provided the price is not too high. Companies will also have to reinvent their business models and be prepared to change the way they do certain things.


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