Industry Insight: Cristiana Arcangeli, Beauty’in

Industry Insight: Cristiana Arcangeli, Beauty’in

Gama spoke to Cristiana Arcangeli, Chief Executive Officer, Beauty'in.

What are your day-to-day activities as Chief Executive Officer?

I am involved in all processes, but am more focused in product development, marketing and sales. I also do research into new ingredients, packaging, and marketing strategy.


What key trends do you expect to shape food and drink innovation in 2014?

Functional products is a growing market. That's why this year we have launched our new 'beautyjuice' line containing green juice and coconut water with fruits. They are healthy, natural and ready to be consumed anytime and anywhere.

Which markets (countries) or consumer groups currently offer the greatest growth opportunities for FMCG companies?

Our priority for 2014 is to consolidate in Brazil and enter the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and China. Asia is the biggest potential market.


How do companies best achieve growth in developed or saturated markets?

By paying attention to changing consumption habits and providing innovation and technology. Our challenge is to  increasingly facilitate the lives of our consumers with practical, ready-to-use products.


From a marketing perspective, how is the way companies are looking to reach and engage with consumers changing? How can a brand successfully resonate with consumers?

TV and social media  are the best ways to communicate with, educate and be close to your consumers.

It is becoming more important every day to interact with  customers, listening to and respecting their needs and suggestions. Promote a unique experience with your brand. Seek out the ‘3F Customers’: friends, followers and fans.