Indulgence & fine dining: innovation trends in French frozen food

Indulgence & fine dining: innovation trends in French frozen food

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MANCHESTER – 3rd November 2016: ‘Gourmet’ and ‘indulgent’ are key adjectives in the French frozen foods space, Gama’s latest assessment of the frozen product innovation landscape reveals.

Broadly in line with other markets in terms of overall NPD – the frozen sector accounting for 8.7% of all new food and drink launches in France over the past two years, according to Gama Compass™ data – the French market is also characterized by a focus on luxury and references to fine dining and entertaining, with many recent product launches oriented around notions of pleasure and sophistication, albeit with a nod to the convenience agenda.

"Product positioning in frozen launches in France is typically anchored around two key principles of French cuisine – that of the ‘gourmet’ and the ‘gourmand’", commented Gama editorial director Tom Warden. "The total number of products described in terms of their indulgence – “gourmand”, “unctuous”, “rich” and similar – accounted for more than 30% of total product launches in the past two years, underlining the extent to which “indulgent” positioning has now become a cornerstone of new product marketing in the French frozen food space".

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