India: Tata launches “nourishing” Tata Sampann brand

India: Tata launches “nourishing” Tata Sampann brand

Tata Chemicals , a subsidiary of Tata Group, has added a new “nourishing” brand called Tata Sampann to its food portfolio, according to reports in the Times of India and

Sampann, which means “enriched”, “prosperous”, or “complete” in Hindi,  aims at providing extra nourishment within everyday foods.

The new brand will initially include a range of unpolished high-protein dal (pulses) and low-oil absorb besan (gram flour) but in future will cover all food products produced by Tata Chemicals, according to reports.

Speaking on the developments, Richa Arora, COO Consumer Product Business at Tata Chemicals stated: “We are pleased to announce the launch of Tata Sampann which will focus on offering everyday nourishing foods that form a part of the Indian thali (plate), as they enable delivery of health and wellness to a wide cross section of consumers”.

"As we expand further into the foods category, we felt that there was a need to create a new identity that would encompass the entire range. Tata Sampann stands for quality, authentic and high on nutrition products for healthy living. Through our products, we aim to enrich everyday meals with extra nutrition and extra joy”.

Source: Times of India /