India: Tata Global Beverages launches Tata Coffee Grand

India: Tata Global Beverages launches Tata Coffee Grand

Tata Global Beverage Limited, in association with its subsidiary Tata Coffee, is looking to strengthen its hand in the branded instant coffee category in India with the launch of Tata Coffee Grand.

Tata Coffee already has some presence in instant coffee in India – a market currently dominated by Nestle and Unilever – through brands such as Tata Cafe, Tata Kaapi and Mysore Gold.

Speaking on the launch to FnB News, Tata Global Beverage regional president, India,  Sushant Dash said: “The coffee category in India is poised to grow in the coming years and TGBL is well positioned to enter this category. Tata Coffee Grand gives consumers the convenience of instant coffee along with excellent taste and flavour”.

He further added, “We have always seen for the years earlier that filter coffee is prominently consumed in India. If we segregate, we will have two markets; approximately 74% for roasted and ground and the remaining 26% of instant coffee. We want to tap those 26%. Coffee market is growing and we want to be a part of it. The coffee market in India is about Rs 1,800 crore and is growing at about 20% year on year. Beverages consumption in India has gone up due to an impulsive rise in coffee consumption among youth, today”.

Tata Coffee Grand will be available in a 50g pouch and jar, priced in the west of India at around 130 INR ($2.26).

Source: FnB News / Exchange 4 Media / Adage India / Times Of India