India: Pernod Ricard unveils Absolut India limited edition

India: Pernod Ricard unveils Absolut India limited edition

Pernod Ricard has unveiled the latest limited edition of Absolut Vodka, designed specifically for India and other Asian markets: Absolut India.

Featuring a combination of mango and pepper, Absolut India is oriented towars the Indian palate, according to reports. The flavour blend is described as “marrying the sweetness of mango with the bite of pepper” for “a smooth, mellow flavour with a spicy aftertaste”.

The new flavour blend is complemented by a pack design from artist Shaheen Baig. The Deccan Chronicle reports that the design features a brightly-coloured array of iconic motifs from all over India. It was first announced that Pernod Ricard would set up a design competition for a new limited-edition India version in July last year.

Absoult India is being sold in 1 litre and 750ml sizes, of which 38,400 and 84,000 copies have been produced respectively.

Source: Deccan Chronicle / Absolut Regis