India: Marico launches customized deodorants

India: Marico launches customized deodorants

India's largest FMCG firm Marico Limited, has launched a new deodorant that can be personalized for each consumer, under its male personal care brand Set Wet.

Targeted to a younger audience, the product is described as a 'first of its kind individualised deodorant that features the possibility of being personalised, as each pack can be customized with a different colour, photo and name.

Anuradha Aggarwal, chief marketing officer at Marico Limited, says: "The youth is increasingly seeking personal connection and association to everything they own. Taking cognizance of this, we have launched the new range of personalized Set Wet cans thereby setting the trend and making us the avant-garde of the personal care category. What is additionally unique is that the brand has reached out to its TG through a campaign that leverages influencers thereby creating an impact at a more profound and conversant level".

Marico launched the #wheresyourface online campaign to promote the new launch, featuring one of Bollywood’s stars, Ranveer Singh, promoting the fact that everyone could have their face on a deodorant, not only Singh.

The deodorant is available in the following variants: Charm Avatar, Cool Avatar, Mischief Avatar and Swag Avatar.

Source: India Retailing