India: Hamdard debuts RoohAfza Fusion

India: Hamdard debuts RoohAfza Fusion

Hamdard, a Bangladesh-based drinks manufacturer, is moving its RoohAfza brand into the world of ready-to-drink beverages with the launch of RoohAfza Fusion in India.

RoohAfza Fusion is an extension of Hamdard's flagship RoohAfza brand of vivid red fruit and herb cordial, which has been available since 1907. Blending "a fusion of pure fruit juice with RoohAfza" cordial, the new line is being sold in cartons and  in the varieties Luscious Litchi, Exciting Pineapple & Orange, Refreshing Lemon, Juicy Mango and Delicious Orange.

Commenting on the launch,  Hamdard chief marketing and sales officer Mansoor Ali said: "In the last few years, there has been a perceivable growth in the popularity of instant or ready to serve juice based beverages. There has been a change in consumption patterns, especially in the youth who are now turning to natural, herbal products which are perceived as more healthy. RoohAfza sits naturally on this positioning, and Fusion is a natural extension in the format that connects with the youth. Fusion extends the brand to new consumers, while retaining our existing users and offering them an exciting variation of their favourite RoohAfza in fruit flavours".

The 200ml cartons are priced at 20 INR ($0.30) each.

Source: Progressive Grocer / Hamdard