India: Future Consumer launches oat brand Kosh

India: Future Consumer launches oat brand Kosh

Future Consumer, an Indian consumer goods firm operating in the food, drinks, personal care and household space, has launched a new brand called Kosh with the stated objective of increasing the popularity of oats among Indian consumers.

The new Kosh brand will be available as Instant Oats, Broken Oats, Oats Atta and Wheat + Oats Atta. Future Consumer said it planned on growing and sourcing the product in Australia and packaging it in Sri Lanka, before distributing to 12 of India’s key cities.

Part of the Future Group, Future Consumer manages 27 brands over 65 countries in the FMCG sector including ready-to-eat meals, snacks and beverages.

Commenting on the launch, Future Group CEO Kishore Biyani said: “At Future Group, we believe in evolving with the changing consumption patterns. The launch of Kosh Oats is such an attempt to set a trend in the food space by introducing it as the third grain of India. Oats has always been introduced as a breakfast item. With Kosh, we strive to change that and make it India’s third grain that can be used in every meal right from starters to the desserts”.

Source: Future Group