India: Drums Food launches Epigamia Snack Pack

India: Drums Food launches Epigamia Snack Pack

India-based dairy company Drums Food has launched Epigamia Snack Pack, a product which is described as an alternative to traditional snacks.

The snack pack is a combination of  savoury yoghurt with cereal, such that  Jalapeno Greek yoghurt and  Cream & Onion Greek yoghurt  are paired with fibre rich barley puffs, while Mango and Strawberry Greek yoghurt varieties are paired with chunky granola.

"At Epigamia, we want to change the way people approach their 5pm hunger pangs" commented Rohan Mirchandani, co-founder and chief executive officer, Drums Food International. "The Epigamia Snack Pack, with its flavours and nutritional benefits of high protein and high fibre, is a no-compromise snack that provides the perfect blend of health, taste and texture".

Each mix-in pack has 100g of yoghurt and a spoon for convenience, and is priced between 50 and 60 INR ($0.78 and $0.93).

Source: Food and Beverage News