‘High protein’, ‘no fat’ dominate greek yoghurt claims

‘High protein’, ‘no fat’ dominate greek yoghurt claims

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MANCHESTER – 15th March 2016: Functional claims go hand in hand with ‘greek’ formulations in new yoghurt launches, while North America continues to be a hotspot for greek yoghurt NPD, according to Gama’s latest study of product trends in new FMCG launches.

Despite the now global dimension to the greek yoghurt boom, Gama’s research continues to point to significant variations in the proportion of 'greek' products launched in the yoghurt category from region to region. So while North America continues to lead the field in its appetite for new greek yoghurt products – with more than half of new launches in the region now reported to be ‘greek’ or ‘greek style’ – this number fell to 38% of launches in Latin American countries, and just 25% in each of Asia Pacific and Europe.

One of the further key findings of Gama’s research was the extent to which functional claims and ingredients were bound up with the greek yoghurt segment, much more so than across the yoghurt category as a whole. So, for instance, while high protein and no fat claims both appeared on 22% of total new yoghurt launches reported in 2014 and 2015, this jumped to 44% and 41% respectively for greek yoghurt launches alone.

Elsewhere, Gama Compass™ data indicated that this penchant for product claims was not just limited to a handful of functional benefits: for instance, 81% of greek yoghurt launches made at least one health & safety claim compared to 73% of yoghurt launches as a whole, and 30% made at least one environmental claim, compared to just 19% for all yoghurt launches.

Source: Gama Compass™


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