‘High fibre’ and ‘high protein’ give breakfast a boost

‘High fibre’ and ‘high protein’ give breakfast a boost

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MANCHESTER – 11th December 2015: The breakfast foods space is being increasingly characterized by new functional claims, convenient and single-serve pack formats, and a diversity of product choices across a broadening range of categories, the latest research by Gama can reveal.

Gama’s study, based on products reported on Gama Compass™ over 2014 and 2015, has examined trends and patterns in the world of cereals and breakfast foods, a sector that has been significantly disrupted in recent years by the emergence of a new generation of convenience-oriented, functional products – from crisps, cakes and biscuits to hot snacks and instant noodles – targeting the time-pressed consumer.

A basic segmentation bears witness to the seismic shifts in the breakfast foods space over recent times. Gama’s analysis found that, while traditional breakfast cereals still accounted for 60% of new product introductions reported in the past two years (70% of which were ready to eat cereals – 42% of the overall total), more niche categories such as ready meals and hot snacks (11% of launches), bars and biscuits (10% of launches) and milk, yoghurt and dairy drinks (6% of launches) are having an increasing influence in the breakfast arena.

Meanwhile, the increasing role of functional claims has been another significant feature of recent innovation in the breakfast foods market, with Gama’s study revealing how claims such as ‘high fibre’, ‘high protein’ and ‘wholegrain’ are continuing to proliferate in new product marketing. ‘High fibre’, for instance, the leading claim in breakfast launches reported in both 2014 and 2015 to date,  saw its popularity surge over the course of of this year to appear on more than one in three new launches. The rise of ‘high protein’ claims from 2014 to 2015 was more modest (12.7% to 15.5% of launches), but the claim still climbed the rankings from fifth to third most popular claim. Wholegrain claims, meanwhile, jumped to second place, featuring on 17.0% of launches.

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