‘Healthy oil’ shakes up snack seasoning

‘Healthy oil’ shakes up snack seasoning

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MANCHESTER – 3rd March 2016: This week’s Innovation Insight looks at the latest attempt by Japanese firm Koikeya to innovate in the crisps category, this time via a new oil-based ‘shake and season’ concept that allows consumers to adjust the amount of fat present in the final product - Pototto+ Potato Snack.

Seeking to bring beauty benefits to the mainstream savoury snack arena, Pototto+ Potato Snack is a launch that plays on the new-found popularity of plant oils as health-enhancing and beautifying ingredients. Positioned at health-conscious women, Pototto+ is said to have fewer than 130 calories per serving and is sold in a tub that contains a separate sachet of a functional oil – namely olive and avocado, depending on the variety – that the consumer can add directly to the snack before serving: ostensibly to allow the flavour strength to be customized but also, more indirectly, to reinforce the purity and ‘power’ of the oil and its supposed skincare benefits. Pototto+ Potato Snack comes in a Herb & Salt variety and also in an Avocado & Cheese variety, sold with an accompanying sachet of olive oil and avocado oil respectively.

Chiming with the reappraisal of the health value of fats in general, and ‘functional’ fats in particular, Pototto+ Potato Snack provides an interesting case study for how the concept of ‘good fat’ could be primed for a breakthrough in 2016. More specifically, it points to the potential of plant oils as a player on the ‘beauty foods’ scene, linking the ‘healthy fats’ concept gaining ground in the food and beverage space with the enhanced reputation of oil-based products as skin and hair nourishing products in the health & beauty arena.

Image source: Koikeya


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