Germany: Valensina launches ‘late harvest’ juices

Germany: Valensina launches ‘late harvest’ juices

Valensina, the German juice manufacturer, is set to launch a new line of products under the Valensina Spate Ernte (Late Harvest) line that is designed to be milder and less acidic than other varieties in the Valensina range.

Available from April 2016, Valensina Spate Ernte comprises the varieties Orange with Pulp, Orange without Pulp, Orange Banana & Pineapple with Apple, Pineapple Blueberry & Strawberry and Mixed Fruits.

According to a report in About Drinks, the new line is made from 100% pressed, pasteurised juice with a milder flavour owing to the use of naturally less acidic fruits that are left to ripen for longer in the sunshine. The launch is said to be in line with a growth in demand for ‘milder’ fruit juice, and also follows other launches from major players such as the Tropicana Douceur ('Mild') line recently released by PepsiCo in France.

Valensina Spate Ernte will be available in 750ml PET bottles with an RRP of €1.89 ($2.10).

Source: About Drinks