Germany: Tonnies looks to acquire Dollinghareico

Germany: Tonnies looks to acquire Dollinghareico

German meat firm Tonnies is looking to acquire its northern German rival Dollinghareico, according to a report in Agrarheute.

Dollinghareico produces a range of meat products under the Dolling, Hareico and Landhof Lubz brands, specialising in meat and poultry salami as well as fresh and canned sausages. The firm is reported to have struggled over recent years with difficult market conditions and strong competition.

In a letter to staff, former DollingHareico CEO Claus Dölling is quoted as saying: "This weekend we have managed to take decisive measures to ensure the positive and successful development of Döllinghareico".

"These will secure the survival of the business and, with it, many jobs", the letter is said to continue ."However, it is necessary that we put Döllinghareico on a long-term path to success. We will achieve this now through the acquisition of shares in the business by Maximilian Tönnies".

Tonnies is active in meat and convenience foods as well as ingredients and logistics. Its product range includes toaster snacks, burgers, escalopes and other meat products under the Tillmans brand.

The deal is subject to approval by competition authorities in Germany.

Source: Agrarheute / Dollinghareico / Tonnies