Germany: Rotkappchen enters the rum category

Germany: Rotkappchen enters the rum category

German sparkling wine company Rotkappchen has entered the rum category by acquiring the brands Asmussen Rum, Balle Rum and Boddel Rum.

The company, founded in 1856 by three partners Moritz & Julius Kloss & Carl Foester, has acquired the brands through its subsidiary Nordbrand, a spirits business, from the company Drinks & Food GmbH.

Drinks & Food, based in the German town of Zahna, is a manufacturer and supplier of national and international spirits, beer and wine, with a large portfolio of brands.

Together with these rum brands, Rotkappchen will also acquire the herb liqueurs Flaminger Jagd and Jagdhutte.

According to Handelsblatt, the new brands will strengthen Rotkappchen and Norbrand’s presence in the northern and eastern regions of Germany.

Source: Handelsblatt