Germany: Rossmann predicts strong growth for 2014

Germany: Rossmann predicts strong growth for 2014

Dirk Rossmann GmbH, one of Germany’s leading health and personal care retailers, has revealed a strong start to 2014 with turnover in the first two months of the year up 8%, Lebensmittel Praxis reports.

The company’s total sales in January and February increased to €1.06 billion ($1.45 billion), with domestic sales up to €808 million ($1.11 billion), an 8.7% increase on 2013,  and non-domestic sales up to €253 million ($347 million), a 7% increase on 2013.

The news comes on the back of strong group sales for the 2013 financial year, when Rossmann reported total income of €6.64 billion ($9.11 billion) – an 11.6% increase on the €5.9 billion ($8.1 billion) recorded in 2012. The domestic market was especially strong with sales up by 12%, half of which was attributed to same store sales.

Rossmann predicts the strong growth to continue into 2014. 8% growth over the course of the year would see group sales exceed €7 billion ($9.6 billion).

Source: Lebensmittel Praxis