Germany: Nestle unveils herb-topped stock cubes

Germany: Nestle unveils herb-topped stock cubes

Nestle has unveiled a new product addition to its line of Maggi seasonings in Germany – Maggi Krauter & Bouillon Stock Cubes.

The new ‘herb & bouillon’ cubes consist of a regular stock cube that is topped with a layer of parsley, chives and chervil and is available in three different varieties: Gemuse (Vegetable), Rind (Beef) and Huhn (Chicken). The three varieties are claimed to contain pure sea salt, with no additives or no flavor enhancers.

According to Nestle, the new stock cubes “go from really tasty to simply perfect in one step – or even better, in one small cube”, adding that the launch will make “seasoning easier than ever”.

Maggi Krauter & Bouillon Stock Cubes come as a pack of 8 x 10g cubes and have a suggested retail price of €1.69 ($1.79).

Source: Nestle / Lebensmittelzeitung