Germany: Muller to close Homann sites

Germany: Muller to close Homann sites

German and dairy manufacturer Muller is set to close production sites in Dissen and Bad Essen, Lower Saxony, according to a report in the Osnabrucker Zeitung.

The move comes as the firm looks to modernize production facilities for its Homann foods business, having previously announced its intention to invest around €500 million ($536 million) in a new manufacturing site for the brand.

Muller’s Homann unit manufactures a range of chilled deli foods, sauces and preserved fish products. Its product line includes chilled meat, pasta and potato salads, mayonnaise, table sauces and cooking sauces, as well as preserved herring and salmon products.

The location of the new production site is as yet unconfirmed, although the Osnabrucker Zeitung reports that Muller is said to favour a site in Leppersdorf near Dresden, where it already has a dairy facility. Other options on the table are said to include an unspecified site in Poland, or a new facility in Dissen itself.

Homann manufactures 322,000 tonnes of goods per year, and has an annual turnover of around €630 million ($676 million).

Source: Osnabrucker Zeitung