Germany: Lieken announces new plant in Wittenberg

Germany: Lieken announces new plant in Wittenberg

As part of a wholesale restructure of its manufacturing operations, German bakery manufacturer Lieken has revealed that it will be building a new €200 million ($214 million) production facility in the town of Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt.

The firm first announced its intentions to build a new plant around one year ago and originally earmarked Rhein-Main as the preferred location. However, it was unable to find any suitable sites in the region.

At the same time, the company said that five "smaller and less modern" facilities were to close.

Commenting on the move, Lieken chairman Markus Biermann said: "We expect to break ground at the beginning of 2016 and begin production in 2017. With the construction of the new plant we are making a further significant step to secure Lieken's production for the future. The investment is an important boost for the Sachsen-Anhalt region and strengthens our already well-established presence in the food industry".

In a statement, the company said that the factory would have five manufacturing lines and an annual production capacity of 130,00 tonnes. The new site is set to produce bread and bakery goods, including frozen products. under the Golden Toast and Lieken Urkorn brands.

Source: Lieken / MDR