Germany: Heidi Chocolat buys Schwermer Confiserie

Germany: Heidi Chocolat buys Schwermer Confiserie

Heidi Chocolat, the Swiss chocolate maker owned by Kex Confectionery, is to acquire the German confectioner Schwermer Confiserie, according to a report in Die Presse.

Schwermer Confiserie specialises in praline and gift chocolates. Founded in 1894, the firm currently employs around 100 staff in the manufacture of its products, which are exported to more than 25 countries. Among other products, the firm manufactures seasonal gifts for Christmas and Easter, hand-crafted chocolate bars, marzipan and boxed chocolates.

Heidi Chocolat said that the deal would further its aims of increasing Heidi Chocolat's reach as a premium chocolate brand, by increasing production capacity and in particular by strengthening the firm's presence on the German retail market.

Following the acqusition, Schwermer Confiserie will reportedly operate as an independent subsidiary within the Heidi Chocolat business.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Source: Die Presse / Schwermer Confiserie