Germany: Hans Freitag launches emoji biscuits

Germany: Hans Freitag launches emoji biscuits

Hans Freitag, the German biscuit manufacturer, is to launch new biscuits based on the emjoi craze, according to information in Lebensmittelzeitung.

The shortbread-style biscuits are coated on one side in milk chocolate and come in assorted shapes based on popular emoji icons. The product come in packs bearing the slogan "say it with biscuits".

The launch of Hans Freitag Emoji Biscuits follows previous efforts by the company to reach teenage and young adult consumers by invoking social media trends. In 2014, the firm launched Anita's Own Likies, a chocolate-coated biscuit in a 'thumbs up' design "for someone who has really earnt a thank you".

New to Germany, Hans Freitag Emoji Biscuits come in a 125g plastic pouch with an RRP of €1.29 ($1.34).

Source: Lebensmittelzeitung