Germany: Gizeh launches “Aroma Barrier” for pet food packaging

Germany: Gizeh launches “Aroma Barrier” for pet food packaging

German based plastic packaging manufacturer Gizeh Verpackungen has developed an EVOH oxygen barrier to feature on Nestle Purina dog food, Packaging Today reports. The development will provide an aroma barrier and prolong storage life, it is reported.

The new rigid container for the Nestle Purina 300g dog food will be sealed with an aluminium plastic composite foil and sterilised by cooking. A shrink sleeve is then applied and containers are sealed with an injection moulded hooded lid also supplied by Gizeh.

“Since the container is sterilised after filling, and as it is slightly modified by this process, we had to measure the shrinkage tolerances in advance and take account of this when designing the lid,” said Stefan Hundt, head of technical sales at Gizeh.

The innovation promises that even after the foil seal is removed, the improved packaging ensures the contents remain fresh. “Dogs have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and taste, and they react to changes in aroma much more strongly than humans,” Hundt commented.

Source: Packaging Today