Germany: Emcur launches matcha tea products

Germany: Emcur launches matcha tea products

German firm Emcur has launched two new beverage mixes based on matcha tea, according to information from Lebensmittelzeitung.

The products come in a powder format to be mixed with water, and are both presented in single portion packaging.

Emcur Matcha-Aktiv contains caffeine, pantothenic acid and vitamin B12 and is claimed to provide an energy ‘kick’ equivalent to one or two cups of coffee. It has an added grapefruit flavour and is said to support concentration and endurance. Meanwhile Emcur Bio Matcha Latte conains organic matcha tea and needs only to be mixed with hot water to recreate a classic matcha latte, according to company claims.

The products come as boxes of 12g ‘stick’ sachets and are priced respectively at €5.99 and €7.99.

Source: Lebensmittelzeitung