Germany: Aldi Nord expands private label organic range

Germany: Aldi Nord expands private label organic range

GutBio, the organic private label brand range from German supermarket chain Aldi Nord, is set for expansion with the launch of new products.

Alongside currently available products such as eggs, fresh milk, salami, juices and minced meat, Aldi is adding products including olive oil, bread, apple puree, preserved vegetables, fromage frais, vegetable spread, frozen salmon fillets, fresh meat and cold meat products to the range. Regional specialities such as stews, spices, cereal mixes, rice crackers and herbal confectionery are among the other new items added.

The product launches will see the GutBio range extended to include more than 50 products, Aldi said.

According to Aldi, the move is in response to changing consumer nutrition habits that have resulted in greater demand for organic products.

Source: Aldi