Gama Innovation Award: Keskinoglu Seven Grain Fed Eggs

Gama Innovation Award: Keskinoglu Seven Grain Fed Eggs

Gama Innovation Award – Positioning

MANCHESTER – 29th January 2016: The Gama Innovation Award – Positioning for January goes to  Keskinoglu Seven Grain Fed Eggs, a product which looks to raise the bar for functional and quality claims in the eggs category.

Keskinoglu Seven Grain Fed Eggs, new in Turkey from Keskinoglu, are looking to stand out from the crowd with their emphasis on high-quality inputs for enhanced nutritional benefits. The product's particular claim is that hens are reared on a blend of seven different grains – namely wheat, rice, barley, buckwheat, corn, oats and rye – in order to provide "richer nutrition" in the final product.

"The growing importance of issues such as traceability and welfare standards mean that discerning meat and dairy consumers are now basing their buying decisions on factors other than overall product quality or brand appeal", commented Gama editorial director Tom Warden. "The quality of feed and other inputs could increasingly become a key component of the marketing message for premium dairy products, as evidenced by the success of segments such as 'milk from grass-fed cows' in appealing to an ethically-minded audience".

Image source: Keksinoglu / Gama (montage)


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