Gama Innovation Award: Emmi Fondu All In One Cheese Fondue

Gama Innovation Award: Emmi Fondu All In One Cheese Fondue

Gama Innovation Award – Packaging

MANCHESTER – 18th July 2016: The Gama Innovation Award - Packaging for July goes to Emmi Fondu All In One Cheese Fondue, which is looking to revive the retro fondue fad through a kit that combines all the elements needed for a a traditional fondue.

Promoted as "the first of its kind portable, microwaveable and oven-safe dipping all-natural, premium cheese from Switzerland", Emmi Fondu All In One Cheese Fondue from dairy giant Emmi is looking to rekindle an interest in fondue making with the introduction of a simple and convenient kit. The sleeved packs contain a bowl filled with fondue that can be melted in the microwave in just seven minutes, as well as a stand to support the bowl and a tealight that keeps the fondue warm after heating.

"Emmi Fondu All In One Cheese Fondue fits into the modern pattern for kit-style products that allow for a form of home-cooking that minimises preparation and maximises convenience", commented Gama editorial director Tom Warden. "With social and sharing occasions on the increase, this could be an opportune moment for retro foods such as fondue to revive their fortunes through a 'kit'-based approach".

Image source: Emmi / Gama (montage)


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