Gama Innovation Award: Elmhurst Naturals Banana Water

Gama Innovation Award: Elmhurst Naturals Banana Water

Gama Innovation Award – Positioning

MANCHESTER – 24th March 2016:  This month, the winner of the Gama Innovation Award – Positioning is Elmhurst Naturals Banana Water, a product seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning interest in 'plant waters' as an alternative to conventional fruit juice products.

A "light and refreshing hydrational beverage packed with electrolytes",  Elmhurst Naturals Banana Water is a new drink made from water and "all natural banana concentrate" that is claimed to contain as much as potassium as two bananas per serving. Available in Original, Passionfruit and Mango flavours, the new launch from US-based Steuben Foods is touted as being free of gluten, fat and added sugar and is claimed to have a "crisp taste" that is "less polarizing than coconut water".

"Trailblazing coconut water helped pave the way for a new generation of 'plant waters', as consumers sought alternatives to traditional sweet and intensely-flavoured fruit juices", commented Gama editorial director Tom Warden. "With growing sales of bottled water and widespread interest in the concept of 'healthy hydration', there is likely to be a growing imperative on fruit juice brands to become 'more like water' by embracing the demand for  'natural', 'healthy', 'clean' tasting and refreshing options in the soft drink and fruit juice aisles".

Image source:  Steuben Foods / Gama (montage)


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