Functional drinks turn to “the power of egg”

Functional drinks turn to “the power of egg”

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MANCHESTER – 3rd December 2015: With ‘high protein’ now topping  new product claims across a number of food and drinks categories, this week’s Innovation Insight looks at one company’s efforts to stand out in an increasingly crowded field by turning to the protein 'power' of fresh, free-range eggs – Toni’s Smoothei Vitality Drink.

Aiming to “combine[ ] all the positive nutritional properties of the egg” in a single functional product, Toni’s Smoothei Vitality Drink is a new launch from Austrian egg specialist Toni’s Handels that boasts of containing six vitamins, two minerals, antioxidants and “a purely natural source of protein” – eggs. A play on the word “smoothie” (‘Smoothei’ literally translating as ‘Smooth Egg’) , Toni’s Smoothei is an ambient drink primarily consisting of water and fruit juices alongside free-range eggs, which make up around a quarter of the product composition. The range, which is advertised as “contain[ing] everything for a good snack or breakfast” and is additionally tagged on packaging as “the perfect sports drink”, is sold in sleeved single-serve plastic bottles in a choice of three varieties: the peach and passionfruit flavoured Kraftkerl , claimed to support cellular health; the raspberry and redcurrant flavoured Fesches Dirndl, said to be good for hair, skin and nails; and the strawberry and ginger Schlaumeier – another ‘egg’ pun approximately translating as ‘clever clogs’ – offering “higher concentration and alertness”.

While Toni’s Smoothei Vitatily Drink may not represent a breakthrough in terms of actual protein levels, the apparently unique egg-based formulation does highlight the potential of fresh eggs to play a greater role in the functional space, particularly on the developing high-protein scene. Benefitting from established perceptions as a ‘pure’ and ‘natural’ source of protein, and – in the case of free-range products –  perceived superiority in ethical and quality standards, eggs could stand to gain over the less familiar and more processed ingredients that currently predominate among high-protein food and drinks launches.

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