France: Unilever launches whitening toothpaste for men

France: Unilever launches whitening toothpaste for men

Unilever has announced the launch of whitening toothpaste specially designed for men.

An extension to the Signal White Now range – which uses a blue pigment and a special optical effect claimed to make teeth instantly whiter – the new Men version, said to be a world first, will be backed by the slogan “having a beautiful smile guarantees both professional and personal success.”

According to Premium Beauty News, Unilever conducted clinical studies in the USA and UK found that on average men’s teeth stained yellow more than women’s. Men’s greater consumption of tobacco, coffee and alcohol – especially red wine – was said to be the main cause of the staining.

Alice Jactel, Manager of the Signal brand, commented, “We do think that, just like White Now Gold, [White Now Men] will contribute to driving the market up”. She continued: “We designed it as a real beauty product whose 50 ml travel size made it easy to slip into a handbag”.

White Now Men has made its debut in France, where the White Now range holds 6% of the overall toothpaste market and 30% of the whitening sector.  Further markets are due to added over the course of 2014, and the launch will be backed by a hefty advertising campaign.

White Now Men comes in Super Pure and Deep Cool varieties and will be sold at €3.50-3.60 ($4.76-4.89) per tube.