France: PepsiCo launches “less acidic” Tropicana orange juice

France: PepsiCo launches “less acidic” Tropicana orange juice

Food and beverage firm PepsiCo is expanding its Tropicana range in France with the launch of Tropicana Douceur ('Mild'), a product that is claimed to be "naturally less acidic" than conventional orange juice.

The 100% fruit juices are being launched in two chilled varieties - one with pulp and one without - and also in an ambient variety that is pulp-free.

In order to reduce the acidity levels, only certain, naturally sweeter, oranges from a particular region of Brazil are used in the juices. PepsiCo France beverage marketing director Emmanuel Pinteaux commented: "[They come from] the driest and sunniest region [of Brazil], which ensures that the oranges are not too acidic".

According to Mr Pinteaux, the new range, which comes in 1 l bottles, targets the "15% of French consumers who find normal orange juice too sharp".

In its chilled versions, Tropicana Douceur is priced at an RRP of €2.89 ($3.08), while the ambient variety has an RRP of €2.49 ($2.66).

Source: LSA