France: Nutrition & Sante buys Bicentury from Agrolimen

France: Nutrition & Sante buys Bicentury from Agrolimen

Nutrition & Sante, a subsidiary of the Japanese firm Otsuka Pharmaceutical that specialises in dietary food products, has announced the acquisition of Spanish health and functional foods company Bicentury.

According to Otsuka, the acquisition will enable Nutrition & Sante to become the main supplier of slimming products in Spanish supermakets.

Founded in 1980, Bicentury markets a range of slimming foods including the first meal-replacement cereal bars in Spain, as well breakfast alternative rice cake products. It became part of the Agrolimen group in 2003.

“We look forward to working with Bicentury’s team to accelerate the growth of the Brand”, said Nutrition & Sante CEO Didier Suberbielle. “The Spanish market offers great opportunities, Bicentury has earned the respect, admiration and loyalty of its clients and consumers”.

Agrolimen CEO Joan Cornudella added: “I am fully confident that Nutrition & Santé together with Bicentury’s management team will continue to develop the potential of Bicentury and take it to new heights”.

No further information about the deal was disclosed.

Source: Otsuka