France: Mondelez reports mixed picture in H1

France: Mondelez reports mixed picture in H1

Mondelez International has reported its H1 results for the French market, revealing category performance and asserting plans for future growth.

Speaking to a press gathering in France, Pascal Bourdin, president of Mondelez International (France and Benelux), struck an upbeat tone and stated that the company was on track for growth in Q2. "[In Europe], France represents 25% of our sales but 30% of our growth," he said. Along with the UK, France is Mondelez's largest market in Europe.

The overall growth picture – 3.1% in H1 – masked contrasting fortunes at the category level, however. While  sales rose in categories such as chocolate (5.1%), biscuits (6.4%), cheese (12%), and coffee (where Mondelez is the market leader in France), the chewing gum category recorded a decline of some 12%. "Chewing gum is an important impulse product and it has been affected by the recession in almost all our markets. France has not escaped this general downward trend and we have to confront the very active competition from Wrigley." Bourdin commented.

Meanwhile, as part of efficiency measures, Bourdin also announced that the company had harmonised its biscuit range across Europe. "We have standardised the size and formula for or our Prince biscuits, which previously was not the same in every country. Our factories in Spain and Belgium can now produce goods for all of our European markets," he said.

Source: LSA / Usine Nouvelle