France: McDonald’s rolls out online ordering

France: McDonald’s rolls out online ordering

Following a successful two-year trial in 80 stores, McDonald’s is set to roll out online and smartphone ordering across its 1,300 restaurants in France by the end of the year.

The new scheme will allow users to order an item or items from the menu on their smartphone and then pick it up at the restaurant of their choice from a dedicated counter. McDonald’s has partnered with PayPal to provide the scheme’s payment options.

Nawfal Trabelsi, head of McDonald’s France, commented: “We hope that this platform will enable us to do more for our customers in terms of the way they want to interact with us. The new system is designed both for the busy employee who will save time if we prepare his/her food before s/he gets to the restaurant and parents with a long order so that they won’t forget anything on their family’s list.”

Gimena Diaz, chief executive of PayPal France, said: "This approach fits perfectly in our support for companies developing multi-channel strategies to interact with their customers, innovative, and benefiting from the growth of m-commerce."

According to reports, the new mobile ordering system now makes up 50% of orders in the trial locations.

Source: AgroAlimentiare News / Atelier / Bobsguide